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Ozzy Osbourne Searching for a Miracle... 

Doctors doubt Ozzie will ever find  the cure he’s looking for In Switzerland! 
Pain-ravaged rocker Ozzy Osbourne is planning to seek a miracle treatment for his crippling Parkinson’s in Switzerland — but according to reports doctors say, the last-ditch bid is a fool’s errand!
The Black Sabbath frontman, and his wife, Sharon, appeared to have exhausted all their medical options in the US and now they heading overseas. “We’re going to a professional in Switzerland he deals with getting your immune system at its peak,” said Sharon, but a New York internist Dr. Stuart Fisher report “It’s unrealistic thinking. There’s no grand cure.”
The heavy metal maniac, did not respond to my request for comment, according to friends has been in agony, prompting pals to believe he’s waiting to die.“Ozzy is in chronic pain and he’s begging to be put out of his misery!” Said an insider.
While his devoted family denied he’s at death’s door, the self-styled “Prince of Darkness” admitted he’s experienced excruciating pain since a bad fall in early 2019 left him needing neck surgery. Shortly after, Ozzy was rocked by the Parkinson’s diagnosis, forced to postpone his world tour and remained in seclusion for months! Though he’s now on medication, Ozzy confessed, “I got a numbness down this [right] arm … [and] my legs keep going cold.”
According to Dr. Gabe Mirkin, a longevity specialist,“Parkinson’s is a condition that can cause shaking, stiffness and difficulty with walking, balancing and coordination.“All medicines used to treat Parkinson’s disease lose their effect with time.”
Dr. Fischer also cautioned against risky “experimental” treatments that could trigger unintended side effects and added, “The only thing that Ozzy could possibly get in Switzerland is one last view of the Alps!” And the Ozzy horrible struggles continue… the sad saga continues.
Legendary actor Kirk Douglas Left his $80M Fortune To Charity! 
The Hollywood tough guy passed away at age 103, leaving behind an $80 million fortune — but his family won’t receive a cent because he cut them out of his will!

The dimple-chinned Spartacus legend died at his home in Los Angeles, surrounded by loved ones and the nurses who cared for him in recent years. Though he’s survived by wife Anne and three sons — Oscar-winning ‘Wall Street’ actor Michael and producers  Peter  and  Joel — none of them will inherit the screen hero’s estate because Kirk left it all to charity! The strapping star was born Issur Danielovitch Demsky to poverty-stricken Russian Jewish immigrants in New York, his colorful life was a combination of adventure and tragedy.

Announcing his father’s death in a statement, 75-year-old Michael said, “To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age [and] a humanitarian … But to me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad.
Cookie: “Kirk’s life was well lived, and he leaves a legacy in film that will endure for generations to come, and a history as a renowned philanthropist who worked to bring peace to the planet.” Except didn’t leave his kids a dime… RIP Kirk Douglas my Grandmother loved you.

Another STAR Bites the Dust!

Inside sources report Rihanna’s family is begging her to get out of Hollywood and get on a plane back home to Barbados. The family wants to take care of her in her native land… But Ms. R is feeling real blue partying away the pain since her Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel gave her walking paper… lets put it this way Ms. Rihanna is devastated.The pair called it quits in January and since then according to reports her ex Drake is dying to take Rihanna back insiders say he’s still in love with ‘Ree’, but the quesion is: Ree still loves Drake? 

I’m sure Rihanna sooner rather than later will find another love lots of fish in the sea… not sure how many fish are billionaires, but can move to Kuwait, might have to make a fashion change, and wear a scary burqa... keep you posted you all! 
Owen Wilson Got To Pay!

Actor Owen Wilson has yet to meet his one year-old daughter, Lyla, but a Los Angeles court has ordered he must support her anyway! The Wedding Crashers star originally questioned whether he was the father, but court papers showed that a DNA proved his parentage and decreed he must pay $25,000 a month to the child’s mother, Varunie Vong-virates, for Lyla’s care! The documents also revealed Owen showed no interest in sharing custody and now must pay all of Varunie’s court fees up to $35,000 — and ANOTHER $35,000 for her labor coach.

Owen Wilson shockingly has not met his year-old daughter, Lyla, and he was awfully quick to cut the cord — he changed his number as soon as he found out his baby mama was pregnant, insiders said! Friends revealed how the Wedding Crashers star crashed out of the relationship by cutting his daughter off completely, though he does provide financial support. According to sources, when Varunie told Owen she was pregnant, he was not happy with that, and that was the last time they spoke. No, he didn’t check in with her throughout the pregnancy,” spilled the concerned friend.
“He’s never met his daughter, and then he gave Varunie no heads-up that he was changing his number!”And that’s not all! “What makes it harder is, he’s close to his sons. That’s a double hit,” the pal said.“They were together for four years. Varunie wasn’t just a booty call!”.
Cookie: Hope Owen reconsiders and build a relationship with his daughter... I believe he’s better than that.
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